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The MirianaFlowers Story:
Miriana Ltd. (formerly, Healing Flowers Ltd.) is part of the Flora Cura Groep. It was founded from the research project "alternative natural healing methods" at the start of the 1990s.

A group of Doctors, homeopaths, natural scientists and non-medical practitioners set up the study group "Healing Flowers" which focused on the life's work of Dr. Edward Bach and the "Bach Flowers".

It was quickly recognised by the study group, that the roots of Bach's works laid in old, almost lost, knowledge from the Celtic Druids. The results were astounding…

Also in this study group, they realized that for today's "modern" time, additional essences would be useful to humans. Correspondingly, essences were developed and used for own use under the working title of "Healing Advanced Essences". They are known today under the product name "Miriana Fortem Flowers". To combat allergic reactions Fortem Flowers produces further homeopathic remedies of a pure plant basis.  

In 2002 it was realized that the "Healing Flowers" essences and globuli should be made available to the worldwide public. Not least because of the very positive encouragement of its users.

The business started in 2003. "Healing Flowers" became "Mirianaflowers".

The main characteristic of all MirianaFlowers products is the individual production and exact production rules and guidelines. Everything is done by hand with any emotional, physical and chemical influence avoided. So it is therefore guaranteed that MirianaFlowers products are of of the highest possible quality and standard.  

MirianaFlowers produces strictly traditional products as well as highly innovative ones:
Bach Flower Essences
Bach Globuli Remedies
First Aid Cream  




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