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MirianaFlowers Bach Globuli Remedies

The MirianaFlowers Bach Globuli:

First Step:
The 38 Bach flower essences are prepared (details) and preserved by mixing it 50/50 with full-strength brandy. These extracts are called "mother essences".  

Second Step:
Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) developed the preparation of globuli (small pellets of sucrose) with tinctures. MirianaFlowers is using a modified method for preparation globuli with the "mother tinctures". We are proud of using globuli made from pure Saccharin. These mini tablets are lactat-free.  

Knowledge Base
MirianaFlowers globuli are 100% alcohol-free
Best for children, animals and plants
Using is very easy.
Available in bottles with 1.5g, 10g and 30g (Shop)  




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